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Right, so I’m actually going to do something with this blog, so first thing’s first, update this page! A lot has changed since the last time I updated this. One thing, I’m a lot older, I’m now 23! Shocking I know, I’ve also completed two years of Uni and a year long work placement!

So here is some basic info, and a picture of me!

Moi with a fox hat on. :3

Name: Tom Hanson
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Origin: British
Location: Bournemouth, UK

Occupation: Student



One of Google Data Centres

  • I’m currently studying computing at Bournemouth University



Google's Android

  • I’ve spent the last year working for Google in Dublin!



Python Logo

  • I love coding! Favorite language: Python, Platform: AppEngine



Raspberry Pi Logo

  • Avid Raspberry Pi User and Developer!



windows linux mac

  • I’m a Linux (anything Debian based) and OS X User. Mainly Linux, slip back to OS X when Linux pisses me off! Very rarely use Windows



Open Source Logo

  • I love the Open Source movement and I’m trying to take part in more projects at the moment, check out my GitHub to see what I’m up to



Fennec Fox

  • I love foxes, they’re so cute! I also want a Fennec Fox :3



  • I love films, especially foreign films!



Right, I’m sure I’ve missed tonnes out, but it doesn’t matter! In the last revision of this page I told you that I will most likely be writing about Linux, software, hardware, open source stuff, Anime, films and other such geekery, this is still the case, but hopefully it will actually get it done this time! I hope you enjoy my ramblings. 😀


Tom Hanson


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